Results Management System

Results Monitoring & Reporting System

Client – Rule of Law Program, UNDP Pakistan

We have worked with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Pakistan to design and develop a bespoke web-based results monitoring & reporting system for Strengthening Rule of Law Program (SRLP), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A few salient feature of the system are;

  • Manage multiple projects;
  • Create and manage Logical Framework for each project;
  • Manage activities and targets;
  • Assign activities to partner organizations;
  • Receive data against assigned activities;
  • Calculate activity, output and outcome level progress;
  • Perform data analysis;
  • Visualize data on the map (GIS);
  • Generate variety of customized data reports.

The system allows UNDP to create project level outcomes, outputs, and activities and assign yearly targets for the activities. The activities are further assigned to implementing partner, who then provides data against the assigned activities. The dashboard provides quick view of the progress for each output. Each output column in the chart can be clicked to find activity level progress.

The system provide GIS Mapping feature where activities data is plotted on a map. This provides useful insight about the project outreach and identifies gaps. The outcome level progress is easily monitored through the dashboard where all activities are aggregated to show performance. The management easily identifies specific sub-output which is not progressing, and revises strategy for that.