Management Solutions

We work with organizations in the development sector to deploy high tech solutions for management processes. We provide range of services from deploying ready-made software application for management needs or create bespoke applications to cater for your complex work. Contact us to discuss ways to help you ease up your management burden by introducing web based applications to your business.

Human Resource Management

If you are looking for innovative web-based tool to efficiently manage your human resource, then let us help you establish it.

Inventory, Resource Management

Are you exhausted by keeping track of inventory and resources? Let us introduce you to the world of possibilities and help you manage your inventory and resources through a high-end web solution.

Results Monitoring & Evaluation

Are you a development sector organization and looking to effectively implement an evidence based project? Let us help you setup a results based monitoring and evaluation system tailored to your project needs and environment.

Are you anticipating huge volume of documents or contents? Let us help you deploy bespoke mechanism to handle your immense information load.

Institutional Memory Management

Are you an information giant and producing huge volume of information every hour? Let us help you setup web applications that will support you in efficient institutional memory management and keeping track of the work that you have done.

Knowledge Management – Wiki

We provide services to create and deploy a wiki application for our clients. The customized wiki application helps organization to manage institutional memory, information management and collaboration. Wikis are widely used across the world by various types of organizations. A well-known example of wiki is the Wikipedia.