Content Management System

Content Analysis System

(Raabta Consultants, USIP)

The content analysis system is an information management system for storing and analyzing media contents. The system is a unique bespoke application that stores all media contents i.e. Newspaper articles, Radio programs, and TV segments along with the complex set of data about them.

Content analysis is process of collecting structured data from media content. The Content Analysis System allows multiple content analysts to work at the same time and perform complex content analysis of TV, Radio and Newspaper contents. Few salient features of the system are;

  • Capture and store digital contents of TV, Radio and Newspapers
  • Allow content analysts to perform content analysis through a browser
  • Generate tables, pivot tables, time series graphs, bubble charts, bar charts
  • Real time statistics for monitoring of the targets
  • Apply complex filters to extract narrowed down data
  • Dynamic and consistent lists of words, organizations, media sources
  • Extract data in variety of formats for complex statistical analysis