Biometric Electoral System

Biometric Electoral System

Client – Awaz Foundation, DAI/DFID

We have successfully deployed a web-based electoral system that enable Awaz Foundation (Multan) – which is recipient of a grant from DFID through DAI under the Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) program – to develop the first ever Biometric Electoral System in Pakistan. This was a unique opportunity to work on this project because general elections in Pakistan has always remained controversial topic in terms of transparency.

We have developed a complete solution that includes; biometric voter registration, candidate’s information, polling module and real-time results and analysis. Under this project, Awaz Foundation registered 120,000 youth (aged 14-30) in 126 Union Councils at Multan. The portal allows Awaz Foundation to have real time results as it happen at various polling stations. The system also helps Awaz Foundation to plan electoral processes and monitor the situation more effectively.

In this project we used a mix of offline and online tools. The offline application is developed in Visual Studio C# that allows Awaz Foundation to undertake voter registration and polling at remote areas where there is no internet connection available. It stores the data offline and sync data with cloud server once an internet connection is available.

The most interesting aspect of this system is the biometric data capture and comparison. The system captures four fingers scan of each voter at the time of registration. On the day of election, the voter is asked to scan his finger at the polling desk before polling vote.

The system eliminates rigging and introduces high degree of transparency and accountability in the electoral system. The system is built using latest data security principles and protocols, and adheres to international standards.